Synthesis of Copolymers of m-Diisopropenylbenzene and m- Dimethoxybenzene

  • Robert Alan Smith
  • Dennis B. Patterson
  • Howard A. Colvin
Part of the Polymer Science and Technology book series (POLS, volume 25)


The polymerization of diisopropenylbenzenes (DIPB’s) was first reported over 25 years ago. As opposed to free radical initiated polymerizations, which produce cross-linked gels ionic initiated polymerizations produce soluble (uncrosslinked) polymer. Anioic techniques, for examples, can produce linear polymer in which only on unsaturation of each DIPB is consumed. The aromatic ring of each pendant group thus carries an unreacted isopropenyl group.1


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  • Robert Alan Smith
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  • Dennis B. Patterson
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  • Howard A. Colvin
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