The Dynamics of Cytoskeletal Organization in Areas of Cell Contact

  • Benjamin Geiger
  • Zafrira Avnur
  • Thomas E. Kreis
  • Joseph Schlessinger


The progress made in recent years in cell biology has focused much attention on the structure and mechanical properties of the cytoskeleton. Electron microscopic (EM) examinations using the “classic” sections of plastic-embedded tissues, the recently developed high voltage EM of whole cells, or the quick-freezing deep-etching technique revealed a wealth of densely interwoven cytoplasmic filaments (Pollard and Weihing, 1974; Buckley, 1975; Buckley and Porter, 1975; Heuser and Kirschner, 1980). These structures collectively termed “cytoskeletal networks” retained their complex filamentous appearance after extraction of “soluble” cytoplasmic components with nonionic detergents and preserved the overall shape of the cells (Brown et al., 1976; Ben Zeev et al., 1979; Schliwa and van Blerkom, 1980; Schliwa et al., 1981 Fulton et al., 1980; Cervera et al.,1981; Fulton et al., 1981; Penman et al.,1982).


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