Cytoskeleton in Platelet Function

  • Jon C. Lewis


The circulating platelet is a discoid shaped cellular fragment which originates in the bone marrow through the orderly demarcation of megakaryocyte cytoplasm (Odell and Jackson, 1969; Behnke, 1968a; Marsh et al., 1955; for review see Ebbe, 1976). The number of platelets in circulation varies widely among species, and among individuals within a species the concentrations in blood typically range from 200,000–500,000 per microliter. On the average, the circulation life is 8–9 days. However, with constant activation to participate in the hemostatic process and contribute to maintenance of blood vessel integrity (Henry, 1977), the turnover times range from 6–11 days (Harker, 1979). In man, it has been estimated that platelet consumption is approximately 35,000 platelets/µ1 of blood per day (Harker, 1979). Although the number of platelets arising from a single megakaryocyte has been estimated to be as high as 12,000 (Ebbe, 1976; Tavassoli, 1980; Kaufman et al., 1965) and probably varies with species and ploidy of the megakaryocyte (Kaufman et al., 1965), it is clear from ultrastructural studies of both circulating and bone marrow cells that megakaryocyte demarcation (Behnke, 1968a; Marsh et al., 1955) proceeds in a well-controlled fashion to ensure structural and functional integrity of the platelet (Kaufman et al., 1965; White and Gerrard, 1976; White, 1979; Lewis et al., 1980a; Lewis and Bowie, 1978; Barnhart, 1978).


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