Attenuated Blood-Brain Barrier

  • Maria Spatz


The notion of restricted material exchange between the blood and the brain arose at the turn of the last century. It was derived from the observed absence of extravasation of synthetic dyes into the brain in contrast to their penetration of other tissues after intravascular administration of the dyes.1–3 This event, which originally served to designate the existence of an interface between blood and brain as blood-brain barrier (BBB),2,4 has been widely used as a marker for detecting the presence or absence of BBB disruption.5,6 However, it later became evident that these dyes bind to albumin and form complexes that are actually responsible for their inability to cross the BBB.7 Moreover, in the meantime, and particularly in the last two decades, great progress has been made in studying the properties and function of the BBB with the use of radiolabeled test molecules. Through these investigations, it became evident that the BBB represents a regulatory interface or highly selective barrier that controls the rate of in- and outflux of biological substances needed for the general and specific metabolic processes and neuronal activities in the brain.5,6 Furthermore, the ultrastructural and biochemical studies conducted in vivo and in vitro in isolated cerebral microvessels as well as on cultured cerebral vascular endothelium demonstrated unequivocally that the selective and unique function of the barrier resides primarily within the endothelial cells, which might be under hormonal influence.8


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