The Blood-Brain Barrier

  • William H. Oldendorf


The concept of a barrier restricting exchange of certain tracer substances between blood and brain (the blood-barrier, BBB) originated with Paul Ehrlich’s observation in the 1880’s that intravenously injected aniline dyes failed to distribute to brain, whereas all other tissues were quickly colored. In general, it is the extracellular fluid (ECF) to which such dyes distribute to color the tissues. The blood plasma is a rapidly circulating subcompartment serving to disperse any local concentration of solute throughout the entire ECF. It can carry out this homogenizing function because of the ubiquity and permeability of capillaries. These capillary characteristics, together with the movement of blood plasma, bring the effective distances that solutes are required to diffuse between various body cells down to a few micrometers.


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