Local Synthesis of Axonal Protein

  • Edward Koenig


Given that the axon is an extended cellular process remote from the neuron’s metabolic center, the supply of newly synthesized proteins to the axon is a question of fundamental importance. It is well established that one mode by which this is accomplished is by synthesis of axonal proteins in the cell body, whereupon products reach the axon by intracellular transport. There are, nonetheless, two additional modes that need to be considered. One involves local synthesis in cells of ensheathment (e.g., glial cells) and the supply of products to the axon by intercellular transfer. This appears to be a means for locally supplementing some axonal proteins in unmyelinated invertebrate axons (see Section 4). Another mode is that of local synthesis in the axon. The prevailing view, however, is that the axon is capable of little or no endogenous protein synthesis other than that perhaps associated with mitochondria.


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