Histamine and Its Receptors in the Nervous System

  • Lindsay B. Hough
  • Jack Peter Green


Before much was known about histamine in the brain-even before its con centration in brain was accurately measured-histamine by chance sparked the development of modern psychopharmacology and therefore modern biological psychiatry. Phenothiazines were antihistamines (i.e., H1 antagonists) that were observed to produce a “euphoric quietude”1,2; and from the phenothiazines developed the antidepressant drugs, which had also been designed as H1 antagonists.3 Histamine was dismissed as having a role in either the pharmacological or therapeutic effects of either neuroleptic or antidepressant drugs. As summarized below (Sections 12.2 and 12.3), these drugs do in fact interact with histamine receptors at drug concentrations that are found in plasma of patients and in brain of experimental animals. Other psychotropic drugs affect brain histamine (Section 12). Neither the pharmacological nor the therapeutic consequences of these effects are clear because the functions of histamine in brain are not certain.


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