Receptor Adaptation to Psychotropic Drugs

  • Jack W. Schweitzer
  • Kenneth A. Bonnet
  • Arnold J. Friedhoff


The membrane receptor is a site at which specific chemicals can regulate cell ular function; in turn, cells can regulate their sensitivity to many chemicals to compensate for persistent changes in agonist supply. The terms up- and down-regulation are used to describe shifts in receptor responsivity to drugs or to endogenous transmitters. Chronic antagonist administration, for example, can lead to a proliferation of receptor sites, a change viewed as an attempt by the cell to compensate for the loss of agonist resulting from the blockade by antagonist. In similar fashion, down-regulation can take place with chronic agonist oversupply. Thus, the receptor can act as both a regulated and regulatory unit. In this chapter an attempt is made to identify specific neuronal receptors that are acted on and ultimately altered by neuroleptics, antidepressants, and anxiolytic benzodiazepines and to discuss the application of receptor sensitivity modification (RSM) as a new approach to treatment of disorders that are responsive to alterations of CNS monoaminergic activity.


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