Mammalian Central Adenosine Receptors

  • Michael Williams


Although adenosine was reported to cause vasodilation and to have a negative inotropic effect in the heart as long ago as 1929,1 and ATP was both shown to cause sedation in cats2 and proposed as a neurotransmitter candidate at primary afferent fibers3 in the 1950s, it was not until the last decade or so, following from the seminal study of Sattin and Rall4 on adenosine-evoked increases in cyclic AMP production in mammalian brain slices, that the role of adenosine and adenine nucleotides in CNS function has been studied to any great extent.


Adenylate Cyclase Adenosine Receptor Cyclic Nucleotide Adenine Nucleotide Radioligand Binding 
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