Insulin Hypersensitivity: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management

  • Roy Patterson
  • Leslie C. Grammer
  • Peter Y. Chen


Hypersensitivity to insulin has received considerable attention in the medical literature for several reasons. One of these is the high incidence of diabetes mellitus; another is the requirement that some cases of diabetes must be treated with the insulin to which they are allergic. In contrast to many drugs which cause allergic reactions, insulin is a complete protein suitable for the application of sensitive and sophisticated immunological measurements. Finally, the fine structure of the insulin molecule has been thoroughly studied and highly purified insulins of different species and even synthesized insulins have been available for in vitro or in vivo immunological studies. This chapter will review the problems of insulin hypersensitivity with emphasis on the practical management of clinical problems.


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  • Leslie C. Grammer
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  • Peter Y. Chen
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