Lymphocyte Ecto 5′-Nucleotidase in Immunodeficiency and Leukaemia

  • A. D. B. Webster
  • T. Shah
  • T. J. Peters
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 165)


Circulating blood lymphocytes have relatively high activity of ecto 5′-nucleotidase (EC′N) as compared to monocytes of neutrophils (Webster et al 1978). This activity varies between different subpopulations; B lymphocytes having about four times the activity of ‘E’ rosetting T lymphocytes (Rowe et al 1980). 5′N activity also varies between T cell subpopulations, OKT8 (suppressor) T cells having about half the activity of OKT4 (helper) cells (Boss et al 1980, Massaia et al 1982). Pro-thymocytes and cortical thymocytes have very low 5′N activity, medullary thymocytes and cord blood T cells having about half the activity of circulating T cells (Fig.1). The 5′-N activity in cortical thymocytes can be increased by incubation with either thymic epithelial cells or thymosin (Cohen et al (1981).


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