Isotopic Shifts

  • H. H. Stroke
Conference paper


Investigations at the interface of atomic and nuclear physics have been fruitful for a considerable time. It is now history how high resolution atomic spectroscopy has contributed to the development of the nuclear shell model1 through the systematic measurement of nuclear spins and magnetic moments, and also how it pointed out its failures by the observation of large quadrupole moments of nuclei. Had it stopped here, I would not discuss the subject further. In fact, the situation developed quite differently, and much of it has been made possible by important experimental advances, which led to Nobel awards to several of our colleagues at this conference! Thus the meaning and complexity of high resolution spectroscopy have changed significantly from what they were in the 1930’s, when purely optical spectrographic diffraction and interference methods were used. The new tools were atomic beam magnetic resonance, optical double resonance, optical pumping — coupled with nuclear magnetic resonance, level crossing spectroscopy, and, most recently, laser spectroscopy, and a variety of combinations of these. The earlier techniques have been described, for example, in the works of Hans Kopfermann2 and Francis Bitter.3 Accounts of a number of experiments done with the laser techniques are presented at this conference.


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