Atomic Collisions in the High Energy Regime

  • Sheldon Datz


An understanding of the physics of electronic and atomic collisions draws heavily on our knowledge of atomic structure. However the converse is also true, i.e., experiments in collision physics often shed light on aspects of atomic structure. The prime example here is the “high energy atomic collision physics” experiment of Rutherford which established the basic structure of the nuclear atom. The fundamental contributions of Bohr to the theory of atomic structure are matched by his early contributions to the theory of charge changing collisions. Prof. Fano, in the opening paper of this conference, pointed out the equivalence of the structural and collisional views of a scattering resonance, i.e., should one treat it as a perturbation on a scattering trajectory or, as in his view, should it be treated as a structural entity undergoing a time evolution in the center of mass system?


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