Structure and Dynamics of Atoms Probed by Inner-Shell Ionization

  • Werner Mehlhorn
Conference paper


The aim of this talk is to review the results obtained in the studies of inner-shell ionization and decay by means of photoelectron (PES) and Auger electron spectrometry (AES). Since the scope of such a talk would be much too broad I will consider AES only in connection with photon or electron impact ionization. AES associated with ion-atom collisions, important for studies of multi-ionized atoms, will not be discussed. The angular anisotropy of photo- and Auger electrons will also not be treated in spite of the fact that for inner-shells the ß-parameter may depend sensitively on the structure and the dynamics of the atom, in particular for heavier atoms (e.g. Xe(4d)1a,b). Therefore my talk will be more selective than exhaustive. By means of selected examples of inner-shell photo-and Auger electron spectra I will demonstrate the sort of information one can obtain for atoms. The main emphasis will be laid on effects caused by the electron correlation. Reviews on parts of this subject have been given earlier by Siegbahn et al.2, Krause3a,b, Mehlhorn4a,b, Wendin5 and most recently by Siegbahn and Karlsson6.


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