Prevention of the State of Social Dependence of Patients Afflicted with Aphasia

  • Maria Kuzak Pachalska


The state of social dependence in the cases of aphasia results first of all from the impossibility of expressing thoughts by means of words or the impossibility of understanding speech. This state intensifies the occurrence of typical reactions to disability such as: escape from difficulties, emotional liability, the increase of dependence on other people, weakening of the patient’s contacts, his withdrawal from active forms of community life, states of depression and anxiety of linguistic communication. Depression is a particularly unfavorable and inhibitory factor in the process of recovery because it means the acceptance of the status quo, whereas every step towards the recovery is based on the patient’s realization of the need for change and on the formulation of appropriate motivation. It is very necessary to work out scientifically based and verified methods of therapeutic procedure which would eliminate the state of social dependence in aphasia, because the scale and effectiveness of help that could be given to a large group of aphasics depend on it. The examinations, carried on in the Cracow Speech Rehabilitation Club, “Afa-Club”, in which specific neuropsychological methods are employed, constitute not only an important element of clinical diagnosis but they also aim at finding psychopathological mechanisms underlying the state of social dependence of aphasics.


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