The Life of the People with the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia in the 8th District of Budapest

  • István Kappéter


People with mental disorders are treated rather differently in our district compared to the usual Hungarian conditions. The district itself is slightly extraordinary. As in the second band of towns generally, here too, simple people conglomerate. The inner part has slightly higher standards due to the fact, that most of the leading hospitals as well as most of the university buildings of our capital are situated here. The outer part of it has even lower standards than the other districts of this band, since this was the housing estate of tramps, coach drivers and gypsies, and here stood brothels, secondhand shops and the main jumble sale. In the last decades many people who rose to better financial conditions moved, and mostly old and handicapped people remained there. Obviously this is one of the reasons why more schizophrenics can be found here than in the other parts of Budapest and of the World. The mental health service is extraordinary, too. It has been under the tight control of the University Department of Psychiatry headed by professor Juhász for more than a decade.


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