Being a Near Traffic Fatality in Greece

  • Dorothy E. Gibson


In November of 1980 a number of articles appeared in United States newspapers, with New York Times by-lines, noting the high fatalities on the roads of Greece. They prompted me to do much reflection and investigation on various aspects of the subject since it would create much economic hardship on this struggling country if tourism, its second largest source of income were di­minished; and, people should not be deprived out of fear of loss of life or limb, the thrill of exploring this country known for its achievements and creativity since the beginning of recorded history. Even though Greek drivers are among the most reckless in the world — the Council of Europe having cited Greece as being responsible for more deaths per hundred thousand than twenty one western European nations and the United States — I think we can live to enjoy it if we learn some basics of survival and do some careful advance planning.


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