How to Reduce Communication Difficulties in Sex Counseling (A Review of the Suggested Practices for Family Physicians)

  • Mladen Seidl


A healthy sexuality is an integral part of a person’s general health in keeping with the current holistic medicine concept. Time and again, it has been indicated that the incidence of sexual difficulties is high in our present day society. According to Burnap and Golden’s study1, 15% of patients seen by a family practitioner verbalize some sort of sexual concern as a major presenting complaint. Masters and Johnson have estimated2 that well over half of all American marriages are sexually maladjusted. A sexual health questionnaire was designed of which 100 copies were distributed among adults who attended for major health assessment in a family practice in Toronto over a two-year period3. 58% reported dissatisfaction with their current sex life. Of those, 70% believed in possibility of improvement by medical help and 66% expected the problem to be tackled by their own family physician. It has been observed, that statistical figures are directly proportional to the practitioner’s willingness to explore, readiness to listen to and courage to discuss these intimate aspects of human behavior.


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