Geomagnetic Fluctuations and Self-Poisoning Attempted Suicides

  • D. Mihov
  • V. Milev


In our opinion, changes in the geomagnetic field induced by solar activity undoubtedly have a definite effect on the human organism. Previous investigations have not found any correlation between geomagnetic fluctuations and the number of suicidal attempts. A. D. Pokorny and R. B. Mefferd1 studied 2497 suicides in Texas, committed during the period 1959–1961. Geomagnetic activity was characterized by means of 3-hour Kp-indexes. No correlation between suicides and geomagnetic fluctuations was established. R. Danneel2 explored 3033 suicides in the province of Northern Rhein attempted during the period of January — December 1971. Geomagnetic activity was measured with S9-index. Again, no correlation between geomagnetic activity and suicides was found.


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  • D. Mihov
    • 1
  • V. Milev
    • 1
  1. 1.Scientific Institute of NeurologyPsychiatry and Neurosurgery Medical AcademySofiaBulgaria

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