A Psychiatric Day Hospital

  • Prem C. Misra
  • J. Cameron


The emphasis of the mental health service is moving from the mental hospital into the community that it serves. The day hospital is one of the main components of the community psychiatry and it stands at the confluence of the principal tributaries to the main stream of social psychiatry. USSR has had day centres as departments of its neuro-psychiatric dispensaries at least since 19421. The first day hospital in the English speaking world was started in Montreal2,3, as part of a psychiatric teaching hospital, the Allan Memorial Institute in 1946. Soon after this development two day hospitals were established in North America, one in a Montreal general hospital, a large general hospital with a psychiatric department4 and one in the Menninger Clinic, Kansas5,6. A day hospital operating successfully among primitive people in tropical Africa has also been described7. In England the first day hospital was started in London as an independent institution unconnected with any existing hospital8.


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