Homologs of CRP: A Diverse Family of Proteins with Similar Structure

  • John E. Coe


Human C-reactive protein (CRP) was first noted over 50 years ago (Tillet and Francis, 1930) as a serum protein that rapidly increased in concentration in diseased patients. Inflammation or injury will nonspecifically cause a variety of serum constituents to fluctuate from normal levels; these proteins are designated acute phase reactants (Owen, 1967). However, human CRP is regarded as the archetype acute phase protein because of its relatively long history and impressive serum changes as an acute reactant. Since the discovery of CRP, numerous investigators have puzzled over its function in inflammation. Another protein, a constituent of human amyloid called amyloid P (AP) component, has been shown to be homologous to CRP (Osmand et al., 1977a; Levo et al., 1977). Because these proteins have been the subject of several excellent current reviews (Koj, 1974; Kushner, 1981; Gewurz et al., 1982;Pepys, 1981;Kushner et al., 1982), this chapter will deal primarily with the expression of proteins homologous with human CRP and AP that have been identified in other animals. In general, these two proteins are represented in a wide variety of species, from fishes to mammals, and a conservative evolution has resulted in functional characteristics similar to those of their human counterparts. These proteins also have a similar unique structure.


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