Consultation-Liaison Activities in a General Hospital Emergency Room (ER)

  • F. M. Baker


Ungerleider (1), Errera et. al. (2), and Atkins (3) in the 1960’s reviewed psychiatric emergencies and emergency psychiatric services in a general hospital. Only Ungerleider discussed the Consultation-Liaison role of the psychiatric resident in this setting which had a combined Psychiatric Emergency Service and Consultation-Liaison Service. Gerson and Bassuk (4) provided the most recent comprehensive review of the issues involved in Psychiatric Emergency Services. Although there is substantial literature on the assessment of suicide attempters and their characteristics (5, 6, 7, 8, 9), there is very little available literature on the consultation-liaison role of psychiatrists in Emergency Room settings. The role of the ER rotation in integrating the identity and skills of the physician with the identity and skills of the neuropsychiatrist has not been widely addressed in the literature.


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