Psychotherapy of an Asthmatic Child

  • Jacqueline Loriod


I recounted, in a chapter on psychotherapic examples included in Dr. Leon Kreisler’s recent book, L’enfant du désordre psychosomatique, the case of “Titania,” a little asthmatic girl eight years of age.* Today I would like to adopt a different approach to this same little girl, that is, to mention only briefly her case history and the medical observations (which Dr. Kreisler could complete later, if you wish), in order to emphasize three points:
  • our initial hypothesis concerning the actual structure of Titania’s personality and their modifcations

  • the processes of somatization which seemed to play a part.then, according to the choice of certain details of the material, the therapeutic dynamics and the evolutionary resumption of her mental and somatic functioning

  • finally, we will briefly predict the subsequent prospects that may occur as a result of this therapy.


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