The Bases of Clinical Psychosomatics in Childhood

  • Leon Kreisler


The clinical psychosomatics of the child is so vast, the disciplines involved are so numerous, and the perspectives so varied that one must first situate oneself among all the numerous orientations, and begin by announcing one’s allegiance and hoisting one’s flag. Our research is purely clinical, entirely outside of neuro- and psychophysiology, whose importance, however, we value highly; regarding, for example, sleep, nutrition, allergic phenomena, and more particularly, the biology of development, whose present thrust greatly stimulates psychosomatic reflection. The subject of our investigation is the sick child in a double experience of pediatrics and child psychiatry, and a double current of varied consultations, some pediatrics and others pedo-psychiatric and psychosomatic. The methodology is based on the monograph to the exclusion of statistical projects--with one exception: a quantitative and qualitative study on the distant future of newborns, delivered at term, who have spent time in an Intensive Care Unit. Our theoretical bases rest on psychodynamic views, and more precisely on the ideas of the Institut de psychosomatique de Paris, to which I belong. Its current chiefs of staff are Pierre Marty and Michel Fain. I will be referring to them often in this presentation, even if I do not name them each time. The resultant therapies deliberately abandon practices resulting from psychophysiology and behaviorism.


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