The Diffusion of Compact Macromolecules Through Biological Gels

  • D. B. Sellen
Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 59)


Experimental procedures for determining diffusion coefficients of compact macromolecules within biological gels and partition coefficients between gels and surrounding solutions are described. Results are presented for dextran fractions diffusing within calcium alginate and agarose gels. A gel concentration — hydrodynamic diameter superposition principle is shown to apply, and a method for calculating the molecular weight per unit length of the fibrous gel structure from the results is discussed, together with the significance of the measured partition coefficients.


Autocorrelation Function Hydrodynamic Diameter Calcium Alginate Laser Light Scattering Rayleigh Ratio 
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  • D. B. Sellen
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  1. 1.Astbury Department of BiophysicsThe UniversityLeedsUK

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