Who Should Provide Mental Health Care?

  • David Upton


The terms public and private may be somewhat of a misnomer when applied to the concept of medical care under NHI. NHI, after all, will ostensibly provide equal access to medical care for all persons, so that “public” and “private” care could cease to exist per se. In reality, this will probably not happen under NHI. The public health care section will be maintained even though its size may be somewhat diminished. In this connection, it is of interest to note that two-thirds of all mental health care costs are accounted for today by the public sector.16 Under NHI, there may be some redistribution of public sector functions to the private sector as that (latter) sector is better financed and is able to expand the scope as well as the quality of the services it delivers. In any case, a distinct division of mental health care services has developed within the public and private sectors under our current health care system, and the different services will need to be continued under NHI, no matter who provides them. For purposes of discussion, the terms public and private will be used herein to refer to those services and the institutions/providers that have come into being to furnish them.


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