What Conditions Should Be Covered?

  • David Upton


Throughout this paper, I use the term mental illness/emotional problems rather than mental illness, psychiatric disorder, emotional disturbance, and so forth. I have chosen this specific terminology to dispel the false idea that it is only people with “serious mental illness” who require mental health care. In fact, the vast majority of persons who now receive and who should seek such care suffer from emotional problems rather than from distinct “mental illness.” NHI must provide full coverage for care for these persons. Thus, a recently divorced person suffering excessive clinical depression or anxiety as a reaction to his (or her) divorce should be entitled to full and complete treatment from a psychiatrist or other mental health professional to help him in the first instance to resolve these symptoms. In order to effect such a resolution, treatment may partially focus on helping the person to understand “what” happened to him and “why.” This in turn enables the person to engage in future relationships in such a way that he avoids the psychological “mistakes” he has made in his previous relationship(s). Of course, I most definitely do not imply by advocating broad coverage for mental health care that the psychiatrist or other MHP should or can treat everyone—that he can or should offer blanket emotional support to all persons who suffer emotional “upset” or that he can solve all problems for all persons. I am advocating coverage strictly for mental illness/emotional problems as clinically defined.


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