Differing Approaches to Biomedical Research

The NIH, the Academic Medical Center, and the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Theodore Cooper
  • Susan Bennett


In order to study different approaches to research, one might visit scientists working in an intramural laboratory at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), scientists of similar kind in an academic medical center, and others of the same discipline in a laboratory of a pharmaceutical firm. One would initially find little to write about. The physical settings and the instrumentation inside the laboratories would be similar. The kinds of people milling about, their jargon, the smells, and the sounds would be indistinguishable in going from one laboratory to another. If, however, the visits allowed one enough time to see how each of the scientists spends his or her time over the course of several days, one would begin to see important differences, differences reflecting the missions and philosophies of the respective parent institutions as well as the missions and philosophies of the financial supporters of the research being undertaken by each of the scientists.


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  • Susan Bennett
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