Transport Data for the Modeling of Electrical Breakdown and Discharges

  • A. V. Phelps
Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 89a)


In recent years the modeling of electrical breakdown and electrical discharges has rapidly grown because of the availability of high speed computers. Modeling activity has created considerable demand for reliable transport and rate coefficient data describing the behavior of electrons, ions, excited atoms and molecules, and radiation in gaseous systems. Since a wide range of particle energies, gas mixtures, degrees of excitation ionization and time scales are encountered in these models, the ideal approach is to combine the cross-section data, such as discussed at this meeting by Rees (1982), with transport theories, such as discussed by Allis (1982), by Skullerud (1982), and by Pitchford (1982) in order to calculate the transport coefficients and the reaction rate coefficients for a particular problem. As pointed out by these authors there are many cases where this approach is practical. However, there are many cases for which there are insufficient cross-section data or for which verification of the calculated transport and rate coefficients is desired. One then turns to direct experimental measurements of the coefficients.


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