HPD Photoradiation Therapy for Cancer at Kingston and Hamilton

  • James Kennedy
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The Table accompanying this article summarizes our experience with photoradiation therapy from April 1978 to the present. Evaluation of relative responsiveness was based on the following considerations. A 5+ rating means that the tumor can be destroyed by a dose of light that will cause only mild erythema and slight edema; a 3+ rating indicates that a moderate amount of skin damage may be expected from the minimum dose of light required to destroy a subcutaneous nodule; a 2+ rating means that the degree of skin damage to be expected will be on the border between acceptable and not acceptable; and a 1+ rating indicates that serious skin damage is inevitable if a subcutaneous nodule is to be treated successfully by external beam. These evaluations of relative responsiveness are only approximate, since the response of a tumor mass to treatment depends upon the volume of the mass and its depth within or below the skin as well as upon its histology. Since all of the basal cell carcinomas we have treated have been relatively superficial, and since small and superficial intracutaneous nodules of breast carcinoma respond very well to relatively low doses of photoactivating light, the responsiveness of breast carcinoma in absolute terms may well be very similar to that of basal cell carcinomas.


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