On Line Pulmonary Testing Utilizing a Portable Microcomputer

  • Richard C. Pugh
  • Jon A. L. Foure
  • Monroe S. Karetzky


The extent of the functional changes resulting from pulmonary disease as well as the detection of lung parenchymal and airway disorders are routinely evaluated and quantitated through pulmonary function testing. Computers are being used for on line pulmonary function testing in an increasing number of laboratories as such testing lends itself particularly well to computer data collection, calculation, and control. The instruments utilized in pulmonary laboratories have in general some form of electronic output for a recording device, thus allowing them to be connected either directly or through a linear amplifier to an analog to digital board, which in turn can be interfaced with a digital computer. Moreover, computers themselves can be interfaced and can either share a common data base or peripherals, or one can pass along information from one to the other.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Richard C. Pugh
    • 1
  • Jon A. L. Foure
    • 1
  • Monroe S. Karetzky
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Pulmonary MedicineNewark Beth Israel Medical CenterNewarkUSA

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