A Clinical Approach to Cryptogenic Cholestasis of the Newborn

  • Ross C. deBelle
Part of the Hepatology book series (H, volume 5)


One of the most difficult clinical problems faced by pediatricians is neonatal cholestasis. The reasons for the clinical dilemma arise primarily from the array of disorders which may be associated with the syndrome, the lack of specific clinical tests and technology for precisely identifying the underlying disorder and the urgency for specific treatment in certain clinical entities before irreversible damage has been done to a young and potentially viable liver. In reviewing the clinical nature of this problem for presentation, it occurred to me that at the heart of the dilemma lies our present lack of knowledge regarding the pathophysiology of the majority of disorders which lead to neonatal cholestasis.


Biliary Atresia Choledochal Cyst Rose Bengal Neonatal Hepatitis Neonatal Cholestasis 
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