Androgenetic Haploid Callus of Tropical Leguminous Trees

  • D. N. De
  • P. V. Lakshmana Rao
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 22)


To date androgenetic haploid calli have been obtained from a number of plants. Apart from the pioneering work of Tulecke (1) on Ginkgo biloba, success is met with only a few trees, e.g. Populus, Camellia, Prunus (2), Hevea (3). However, so far no differentiation of haploid plantlet of trees has been obtained. there exists no report on successful induction of haploid callus of any leguminous tree. The present report deals with the successful induction of androgenetic haploid callus in two tropical leguminous trees, viz. Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC) K. Heyne (Copper pod, yellow poinciana) and Albizia lebbek (L.) Benth. (Siris, East Indian Walnut). Attempts have also been made with Tamarindus indica L. (Tamarind) and Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merril. (Raintree).


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  • D. N. De
    • 1
  • P. V. Lakshmana Rao
    • 1
  1. 1.Applied Botany SectionIndian Institute of TechnologyKharagpurIndia

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