Treatment of Renal Cancer

  • J. D. Schmidt
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The therapy of renal-cell carcinoma has evolved slowly. The earlier reports of increased benefit from radiotherapy, as adjuvant to nephrectomy, were tempered by the improved survival afforded to patients using a radical or extrafascial nephrectomy, (1–6). In this procedure the kidney, with its tumor, is removed along with the accompanying adrenal gland, perinephric fat and perinephric fascia of Gerota. An ipsilateral regional lymphadenectomy, removing tissue from the diaphragmatic crus to the bifurcation of the aorta or vena cava has been espoused by many. At this point, lymphadenectomy can be considered important for more accurate staging and therefore of prognostic value, but it is unlikely that many patients with tumor involvement in the regional lymph nodes (Stage III) are cured by this manoeuvre alone. Pre- or postoperative irradiation is not indicated.


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