The Use of Electron-Microscopy in the Controversy of Renal Adenoma Versus Carcinoma

  • M. Tannenbaum
  • S. Tannenbaum
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The debate as to whether or not renal adenomas are benign or malignant tumors is of great academic and epidemiological importance. Within Bennington and Beckwith’s Tumor Fascicle on Kidney, Renal Pelvis, and Ureter (1), it is stated (and these authors concur) that the so-called renal adenomas are more frequent than renal adenocarcinomas. They believe, as we do, that renal adenoma is a small carcinoma and that whatever the etiological agents, it is through this evolutionary stage that renal adenocarcinomas develop. Unfortunately, in terms of time sequence, the surgical pathologists see these tumors as slow-growing. One may expect that with increased longevity in our growing geriatric age group, the incidence of clinically apparent renal adenocarcinomas will increase and the earlier diagnosis of these small cortical glandular tumors will become more important.


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