Carcinoma of the Prostate — The Need for a Revision of Category to?

  • L. L. Beynon
  • G. D. Chisholm
  • A. Busuttil
  • T. B. Hargreave
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The survival of patients with carcinoma of the prostate is not always improved by commencing active treatment at the time of diagnosis. Byar (1) showed that the survival of a group of patients with unsuspected ‘localised’ carcinoma of the prostate was the same as that of an age-matched control population. Despite this finding it is not universal practice to defer treatment in this group of patients. Clinicians are undoubtedly influenced by the knowledge that in some cases, even with small well-differentiated tumours, metastases will develop (2). Attempts to predict those cases which will do badly have identified several prognostic factors including poor histological differentiation (3,4,5,6,7), age (8,9,10), tumour bulk (3,11) and the presence of a clear margin of resection (3).


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