Surface Diffusion — Some General Remarks

  • Robert Gomer
Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 86)


The diffusion of adsorbed atoms on surfaces is a subject of considerable intrinsic interest and also important for the understanding of numerous phenomema in chemisorption, catalysis, nucleation, crystal growth, metallurgy, and semiconductor device fabrication. Despite this fact it has not been studied very extensively, in large part because of the experimental difficulties involved. This NATO Advanced Study Institute serves the very useful function of gathering in one place what is currently known about the subject, and also highlights areas in which much more knowledge needs to be accumulated. The purpose of these introductory remarks is not to summarize the contents of this book -- the fruits of rather intensive labor by a number of contributors -- but merely to introduce the subject, to point out very briefly what surface diffusion can tell us, how it may be investigated, and what remains to be done.


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