The Medical School Admissions Committee

A Preventive Psychiatry Challenge
  • Stephen C. Scheiber


Many medical students who sought psychiatric help had personality problems before entering medical school and the major cause of maladaptation was “the personality they brought with them,” according to Hunter et al.1 The study of psychiatric illness in medical students by Pitts et al. demonstrated a high correlation with family histories positive for psychiatric illness.2 Modlin and Montes, in their study of physician addicts, and Vaillant et al., in their work on psychological vulnerabilities, point to early childhood factors that influence the need for psychiatric care.3,4 Blachly et al. describe the physician at risk for suicide as “competitive, compulsive, individualistic, ambitious, a graduate of a high prestige school, one who had mood swings, had problems with drugs, or alcohol, a non-lethal annoying physical illness, and one who may feel a lack of restraint by society.”5 These risk factors are discussed in Chapter 1, Emotional Problems of Physicians: Nature and Extent of Problems.


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