Alcohol: Effects on the Central Nervous System

  • Govind A. Dhopeshwarkar


Alcoholism has become a public health problem. The Surgeon General reports (1979) that alcoholism is increasing in men and women of all ages and that the seriousness of the problem is increased severalfold when statistics show that 20–25% (about 3 million) of 14- to 17-year-old adolescents are problem drinkers, i.e., intoxicated at least once per month. Thus, the effects of alcohol on health have received much attention in numerous disciplines—clinical, behavioral, biochemical, nutritional, and others. In this chapter, discussion will be restricted to the effects of alcohol consumption on the central nervous system in adults as well as fetuses.


Maternal Blood Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Chronic Ingestion Nutritional Deficit Central Nervous System Dysfunction 
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