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Of all the mysteries of life, the working of the brain still remains the main challenge. We know many things about how the brain func­tions, yet when interpreting higher functions of the brain we admit we know very little. Even with all the advances in methodology, and many have been spectacular, and the ever present computer, we still are unable to fully understand and explain the higher functions of the brain. Other organs of the body, although very important to the preservation of life, have a defined function: the heart is a pump, the lungs are an oxygen­ating system, and an endocrine gland is entrusted with the task of synthesis and secretion of single or multiple hormones (e.g., thyroid, pituitary). The brain, however, stands out all by itself: it is the master control, and, although its control of physical acts may be understood, we are still unable to explain in biochemical or physiological terms (which we can understand today) how the brain controls and creates thought, behavior, mood, and emotions. This may be the greatest challenge to human efforts and the reason why the most brilliant minds that were busy solving the problems of genetics and inheritance are now excited by the mysteries of brain functions and are actively engaged in research in this field.


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