Techniques of Somatic Cell Hybridization by Fusion of Protoplasts

  • Horst Binding
  • Reinhard Nehls


Somatic cell hybridization in higher plants has been developed to the point where it is a reliable technique for the formation of cell clones with recombinant genetic information of even far removed taxa (e.g., Kao, 1977; Binding and Nehls, 1978). Recombinant plants have only been obtained in related taxa, namely in the genus Nicotiana and other members of the Solanaceae family at high yields, in Arabidopsis + Brassica (Gleba and Hoffmann, 1979), Daucus + Aegopodium (Dudits et al., 1979), and within the genus Daucus (Dudits et al., 1977).


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