Precise Absolute Thermal Conductivity Measurements at 301 K on Unmodified Rods of 8 Rare-Earth Metals

  • John E. Cranch


Thermal conductivity measurements (all ± 0.1 w/m-K) at 301 K were made on the purest available rods of Y(14.4), La(13.2), Ce (11.2), Pr(11.9), Nd(13.3), Gd(8.7), Dy(10.2), and Er(10.8) in 1954 at the Institute for Atomic Research of Iowa State University. Longitudinal heat flow along a clamped-in sample rod was used, with a very close gradient shield, less than 40 μtorr vacuum, copperconstantan thermocouples, and approximately 1 K temperature difference along 25.4 mm of sample length.


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