Vascular Effects of Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)

  • M. Rambausek
  • E. Ritz
  • W. Rascher
  • W. Kreusser
  • J. F. E. Mann
  • V. A. W. Kreye
  • O. Mehls
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 151)


The effects of PTH on blood pressure (BP) are complex and many observations in literature on acute or chronic PTH excess or withdrawal are apparently contradictory. The present report reviews the information in literature and tries to provide a conceptual framework for the different vascular effects of PTH.


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  • E. Ritz
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  • W. Rascher
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  • W. Kreusser
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  • J. F. E. Mann
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  • V. A. W. Kreye
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  • O. Mehls
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