Future Trends in Advanced Batteries for Automobile Propulsion

  • Elton J. Cairns


In order to establish a basis for perspective with regard to the discussion below, it is useful to examine the incentive for advanced battery development in terms of the possible market for vehicle propulsion batteries. The automobile market in the U.S. alone is about $100 billion per year, corresponding to about 10 million vehicles per year. If only 10 percent of the market were to be captured by electric vehicles, and 20% of the cost of the electric vehicle is the battery, then this would represent a $2 billion per year battery market. This is to be compared to an estimated $1.5–2 billion per year market for SLI batteries, both as replacements, and in new vehicles. Thus, only a 10% market penetration by EV’s would more than double the rechargeable battery market—a rather large incentive!


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