Teacher Training for Bilingual Education: An International Perspective

  • Rudolph C. Troike
  • Muriel Saville-Troike
Part of the Topics in Language and Linguistics book series (TLLI)


Being a teacher has never been simple. Being a bilingual teacher is at least twice as complex. Preparing a bilingual teacher must certainly take account of this complexity if it is to adequately fulfill its purpose.


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    The formulation of the competencies given here is basically a condensation of the original CAL ones, made by the authors in 1979 in the process of designing a basic program for an American university. They have been edited slightly to change references to ‘English’ and ‘U.S. culture’ to ‘national/second language’ and ‘national culture’.Google Scholar
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    See Saville and Troike (1971) for further detail on the design of bilingual programs in the schools, and background knowledge necessary for teachers. The work has also been translated into Spanish and adapted for application in Ecuador by Louisa Stark.Google Scholar

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  • Muriel Saville-Troike

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