Group 1A and 2A Elements Alkali Metals and Alkaline Earths

  • T. R. Crompton


Earlier workers1–4 have studied the hydrolysis or alcoholysis of vinyl lithium to ethylene as a basis for estimating this compound. Hydrolysis coupled with identification of the gas produced by mass spectrometry4,5,6 and by infra-red analysis4,5 have also been used. Leonhardt et al7 based their gas chromatographic method for estimating vinyl lithium in tetrahydrofuran and in diethyl ether on a similar reaction. Their method involves the use of two gas chromatographic units connected in series. An aliquot of a solution of vinyl lithium is hydrolysed in a short precolumn containing a solid support coated with a high boiling polyol:
$$ \text{CH}_\text{2} \,=\,\text{CH - Li}+\text{H}_\text{2} \text{O} \to \text{CH}_\text{2} \, = \,\text{CH}_\text{2} + \text{Li}\,\text{OH} $$


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