Genetic Control of Mercury-Induced Immune Response in the Rat

  • Philippe Druet
  • Catherine Sapin
  • Elvira Druet
  • François Hirsch


Mercurials have been associated with immune-type glomerulonephritis (GN) in man (Mandema et al., 1963) based on the finding of immune-type deposits. However the antigen(s) involved and the mechanism(s) responsible for this disease have not been elucidated. Similar glomerular deposits may occur in patients treated with gold salts or d-penicillamin and some drugs are known to induce lupus-like syndromes in humans. Thus it appears that a number of drugs and environmental or occupational toxins are responsible for immunologically mediated disorders in humans.


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  • Catherine Sapin
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  • Elvira Druet
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  • François Hirsch
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  1. 1.Laboratory of Morphology and Renal ImmunopathologyBroussais HospitalParisFrance

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