Cell Isolation

  • Jørgen Clausen


Since the initial discoveries of the cell structure by Schwann,1 the study of the cellular structure of central and peripheral nervous systems (CNS and PNS, respectively) became possible after the development of photographic techniques and of the process of precipitation of silver salts in nervous structures.2 By this technique, details of nerve fibers and shapes of neurons were revealed. On this basis, the neuron doctrine was formulated, i.e., that the neuron is a genetic, structural, and functional unit. The neuron was also demonstrated to be a trophic unit in which regeneration always was initiated from the axonal part still in contact with the original cell body. Although it is obvious that the function of the whole nervous system is more than the sum of the elements of which it is composed, neurochemists have obtained valuable information by studying separated and enriched homogeneous cellular populations of CNS and PNS.


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