Diabetes Mellitus Selected Aspects of Pathophysiology and Clinical Practice

  • Daniel PorteJr.
  • Jeffrey B. Halter
  • Christoph de Haën
  • Jerry P. Palmer
  • Christopher M. Asplin
  • Ronald J. Graf
  • Michael A. Pfeifer


The field of diabetes has become extremely broad and difficult to review at any one time. The authors have, therefore, selected six topics in which new insights important to the etiology, pathogenesis, or treatment of diabetes have become evident in the past 2–3 years. Each area attempts to present a coherent statement of new information, its relationship to earlier data, what the clinical implications may be, and what the future is likely to bring. Topics will be chosen in future years based on a judgment that sufficient new information has accumulated to be organized in such a way. No attempt to completely review the literature has been made, but selected references should make it accessible to the interested reader.


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