Design Issues in the Study of Nonverbal Behavior

  • Richard Heslin
  • Miles L. Patterson
Part of the Perspectives in Social Psychology book series (PSPS)


Planning, executing, and evaluating a research project, whether it is a relatively simple single study or a complicated string of related investigations, can be viewed as a series of related decision processes. The value and impact of the final product is often considerably determined by the early decisions on how to structure a research question. In this chapter we hope not only to show how important these various decisions are but also to provide a general framework for making these decisions. We certainly do not expect that most of the readers will become actively involved in research in nonverbal behavior, but most will be occasionally stimulated to wonder how a research problem develops or question the legitimacy of some of the results and conclusions reported in this volume. We hope that some may even develop their own speculations or hypotheses on various topics throughout this book. It is our belief that exercising this kind of questioning attitude is one of the best ways for the reader to maximize his or her gains from our discussions. The following presentation on design, methodology, and strategies of research should promote a better understanding of the basic decisions in the research process and make it easier to evaluate the merit and importance of various findings in the area of nonverbal behavior.


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